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$25.00 per hour for private instruction at your location in the Rexburg area.

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Martial Arts Styles

Shito Ryu Karate

Shito Ryu Karate is one of four largest styles from Japan. It entails our forms, kicks, punches, blocks, moving techniques and philosophy.


Jujitsu Karate is our Self-Defense portion of our classes. It entails throws, defensive moves, sparing, and pre-arranged techniques.

The Japanese combat techniques of Jujutsu (also commonly known as Jujitsu and other spellings) date back at least 2000 years. The exact origins of jujutsu are unclear, as most of it's history was only passed on in the oral tradition. The few early written references show that it's origins date back to mythology. Jujutsu was formalized and most popular during the Edo period of Japan. This was the era of the Samurai. Jujutsu was the samurai's main set of combat techniques, after the sword that is. There have been many, many styles (or ryu) of Jujutsu throughout the history of Japan and more recently the rest of the world.

The origins of Small Circle Jujitsu are based on the 2000 year old classical jujitsu, but the revelation of the small circle emphesis dates back to approximately 1944.

The small circle theory is a proven scientific method that rapidly became accepted by the martial arts world as an acclaimed and accredited system. The small circle theory is not only applicable to jujitsu, but it blends in beautifully with other styles of martial arts.

This Small Circle Theory improved and cummilated until 1987, when it offically became recognized as a complete jujitsu style on it's own, now known as Small Circle Jujitsu. Many had recognized the small circle system as being a seperate style for many years, but after an article in Black Belt magazine, it was official.

Small Circle Jujitsu evolved from combining many sources and elements, and continues to evolve today.

Southard Combat System

Southard Combat System is a proven, excellent self-defense technique developed by Grand Master Anthony Southard.

Techniques such as:

Pressure Points, Weapons, anti-rape, military training, security, hand-to-hand combat training, police training , how to disarm an opponent.
The answer to today's crimes, check us out!